Friendly and knowledgeable office staff greets you at the door. I’ve been so happy with the care by Adam Avitable and feel I am in good hands at the practice. The facility is clean and doesn’t look like a grubby/old doctor’s office. I can easily get an appointment in an emergency – I’m one of millions of people who had the unfortunate experience of the flu recently. The staff did what they could to get me in when I felt I was literally at my wits end and Adam was so caring and attentive when he saw my distress.

I’ve been a patient of Leah Bienstock’s since I was a teenager (so naturally I’ve followed her anywhere she’s been) and she has helped to basically cure my acne – from topical prescription failures one after another, she kept me positive and on a clear and well-described treatment plan. Eventually we decided I needed to go on Accutane (isotretinoin) and it, thankfully, worked like a charm – I’ve been acne free for over 6 years now.

If you’re looking for a practice that can take care of you from a primary care side, but then also offer all the benefits of improving your skin and confidence – without a random certificate-holder with a weekender course on Botox pushing creams and having no knowledge about building a skincare plan – then this is the practice for you.

5/5 Stars.